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The British rap duo known as TWISTED VIRUS hails from two sides of London, Hackney & Lewisham. Clearly a talented pair of wordsmiths, they both started MC’ing in the UK scene called Grime, where they were both recognised for their talents. SHORTS, formally of a group called (INFERNO) Cites he started writing in the early teenage years, Which from then made him know, music was clearly the only path for him to take. Growing up on the streets of Hackney, creating his own path and driving in his own lane, he never realised that it would work to his advantage, from working on the roads to a working professional. SUPREME, Formally of a group called (OUTDERE) He Goes back and cites what it was like growing up in South London, and the age he started writing. He was around the age of 10 when he would play Biggie Smalls and Tupac on a tape recorder and stop and play to recite the famous lyrics. It was then, SUPREME realised THIS is what he wanted to do for a living. He went from there to DJ’ing, to Producing Grime/HIP HOP beats and MC’ing. He knew music was the road to take and SUPREME & SHORTS meeting together to form TWISTED VIRUS was next on the scene for them to create insane hits.

"Smashing the Castali Music Festival stage"
                                    -Alvise Cappello


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